HAZWOPER 40 hours online training

Online Hazwoper 40 Hour Certification Training, designed by trainers with 15+ years of onsite training experience. The estimated time for this training is 40 hours.

  • OSHA Compliant
  • Instant Access
  • Print Certificate and Card
  • Company Accounts and Bulk Discounts

• HAZWOPER training is designed to reduce the risks of chemical exposure to employees who will be working on an uncontrolled hazardous waste site or a treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF).
• OSHA’s HAZWOPER Standard requires all employees who are exposed to or handle hazardous materials must take a 24-hour or 40-hour HAZWOPER Training Course before they are permitted to engage in hazardous waste operations.

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HAZWOPER 8 and HAZWOPER 24 Also Available

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Best Online Hazwoper 40 Hour Certification and Training Program

HAZWOPER 40 final exam included with course

Our online HAZWOPER 40 hour certification and training program provides a quick, simple, and effective way to certify or recertify yourself or your workers. The written HAZWOPER test and practical are included with this training, We've been providing training solutions for individuals, safety managers, and business owners for over 15 years.

A quick HAZWOPER certification lookup on Google proves that there is no shortage of HAZWOPER 40 courses available today. Don't settle for courses that promise HAZWOPER 40 hour certification, but are too short and ineffective. Those types of courses often come up short when OSHA comes for an audit. Our robust training approach gives an interactive experience where learners are able to retain the information and apply it on the job site, preventing costly fines from OSHA. Our HAZWOPER 40 course takes just over one hour to complete and learners get a certificate instantly upon completion.

Safety training is an investment. That is why hundreds of companies and individuals all over the world trust the Hard Hat Training Series for their online training needs. Our unique online HAZWOPER 40 hour training program has been fine-tuned to provide you with the best training experience possible.



Why buy our Online Hazwoper 40 Hour Certification and Training Course?

  • Complete Training: Our goal is to keep you safe and save you money. Don't risk getting expensive OSHA fines because you settled for a sub-par HAZWOPER 40 training program that didn't cover safety topics in depth. Train using a HAZWOPER 40 program that helps you retain what is learned so that it is put into practice on job sites.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a trainer to come on site can be expensive; that is why we developed our online 40 hour HAZWOPER training materials and curriculum to lower costs while still providing a professional training experience. (Check out our bulk pricing tiers below!)
  • Records Tracking System: We offer an easy to use management system so that if you have multiple students who are receiving HAZWOPER 40 training you can have access to all records, certificates, observation guides and more! (Contact us if you would like us to quickly create a company account for you)
  • Train Your Way: You can use this online HAZWOPER 40 certification program for new hire training, 40-hour HAZWOPER refresher training or to train remotely. Access it from anywhere and work on your schedule.
  • Interactive Learning: Special reminders and quiz questions throughout the HAZWOPER 40 course prep students for the included HAZWOPER 40 final exam so that it is passed the first time.
  • Corporate License: Do you want to host this course on your own server? Contact us about obtaining broadcasting rights for this and any of our other online courses.

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